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Payments features
for property managers

Online Payments

Accept all payment types.

Increase your revenue and enjoy the lowest rates and international payments.
Credit & debit cards

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at competitive rates.

Pay by Link

Pay by link is a convenient payment option that can be used for one-time payments, recurring payments, or invoice payments.

ACH & E-Checks
Simplify guest payments by offering electronic options, including ACH and E-Checks.
Payment gateway

Our payment gateway acts as a bridge between merchants, customers, and banks to process payments quickly and securely.


Flexible payment options.

From multi-party to advanced payments, we handle it all, even holding funds until booking completion.
Flexible payments

Easily make complex payouts, including split payments as well as multi-party payments.

Advanced payments
Build loyalty and boost cash flow by offering vendors early payments, like paying upfront for bookings.
Bank transfers
Enjoy faster, more secure payouts with direct bank transfers across the US, Canada, and the EU.
End-to-end visibility

Track the status of your funds in our portal to easily see when funds have been dispersed.


Rapid onboarding.

Our platform quickly boosts sales by making the sign-up to selling process faster and simpler.
Onboarding API

Easily integrate our onboarding process into your booking platform for a smooth and efficient experience.

Automated verification
Fully automate verification of individuals and businesses, including KYC, AML sanctions, screening, and identity verification – all backed by a team of experts to handle exceptions.
Onboarding interface
We remove the complexity of onboarding by providing our own securely hosted, intuitive interface.
Onboarding support
Our system automates most of the onboarding process for a smooth experience. However, if any issues arise, our expert team is ready to assist you.
Risk and disputes

Protect your vacation rentals.

Prevent fraud and manage disputes efficiently with our advanced risk engine and our chargeback management API.
Reduce risk of fraud

Reduce fraud risk with our proprietary engine and biometric tools to identify and limit fraudulent transactions.

Chargeback management

Our chargeback team boasts an 80% win rate, protecting your revenue by disputing fraudulent transactions, gathering evidence, and negotiating with card processors. 

Enhanced fraud protection
Combat fraud using multi-step authentication (3DS, SMS, document verification), AVS, and CVV checks.
Expert support
Get fraud insights and recommendations from domain-trained data scientists and fraud analysts who rely on years of industry experience.

Secure payment processing.

We hold the highest industry standards in security and compliance. Our team includes world-class security and compliance experts.
Payment facilitator

We don't rely on third parties - we own our entire technology stack, from security controls, underwriting process to fraud and compliance controls.

PCI-DSS compliant
Our PCI-DSS Level 1 certification means you enjoy the highest industry security standards for ultimate peace of mind.
Merchant of Record
As your Merchant of Record, we manage your customer funds and settlement needs, allowing you to offload the financial liability of payment processing to us.
Registered financial institution

We hold our own licenses to meet your diverse payment needs and enable you to utilize the compliance controls embedded in our system to keep your business secure.


Take control of your payments.

Dive deep into your payment data with our reporting dashboards. Understand trends, optimize your business, and make smarter decisions - all in one place.
Merchant portal

See all your payments, refunds, and chargebacks in one place, with real-time updates. Reconcile transactions easily, gain valuable insights with reports and analytics, and get live support for any issues.

1099-K reports

If your business qualifies for a 1099-K, we will send your 1099-K for the previous calendar year by January 31. We'll also notify you when the form is available.

Downloadable reports
Customize reports to fit your needs and gain valuable insights that can help you optimize pricing, improve marketing return on investment, and make data-driven decisions for growth.
  • Excellent customer service

    I am now able to book my guests directly for my North Myrtle Beach vacation rental and to also process immediate payment. This product allows me to charge credit cards as well as process ACH payments securely! Thank you Yapstone for making our booking process so much easier!
    Jim M.
  • User Friendly & Built with Vacation Rental Managers in Mind

    It's built with my exact business model in mind, giving me peace of mind that by just gathering the right documentation when bookings are made the money is safe.
    Yamy A
  • Perfect for our vacation rental industry and they do a great job!

    The customer service is outstanding - love working with the staff at YAP and especially since they support Live Rez
    Maurice M